May 14

Idaho Ban on Same-Sex Marriage Ruled Unconstitutional

Just one day after ruling that Idaho’s ban on same-sex marriages is unconstitutional, U.S. Magistrate Judge Candy W. Dale has now denied Governor “Butch” Otter’s motion for a stay on that decision. Counties in Idaho will begin issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples as early as 9:00 a.m., Friday morning. The governor has stated that.

April 29

Idaho Business Review- Accomplished Under 40

Accomplished Under 40, version 14.0 by Jeanne Huff Published: April 25,2013 While it can take nearly a lifetime for some to reach a successful pinnacle, for 14 years the Idaho Business Review has been recognizing 40 accomplished men and women younger than 40. “These are talented young professionals. They are shaping our state, our image.

March 21

WCA honors 52 women at 20th Annual TWIN Awards Luncheon

Boise, ID – The Women’s and Children’s Alliance will honor 52 women at its 20th Annual Tribute  to Women and Industry Luncheon at noon on Wednesday, March 13 at the Boise Centre. “These are the women who make things happen in the Treasure Valley business world,” WCA Executive Director Bea Black said. “It is a.

October 26

Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act of 2009

Prior to 2009, the foreclosure of a residential property in Idaho that was occupied by a tenant typically left the tenant with one option; voluntarily leave or be evicted.  Under Idaho law, the foreclosure of a property eliminates all other interests in the property, including leaseholds, that were created after the foreclosing mortgage or lien.

October 25

US suit alleges ‘brazen’ fraud at Countrywide

As the mortgage crisis continues to unfold, stories of illegal and unethical loan generation and the Department of Justice’s efforts at bringing suit against major players in the mortgage market become more commonplace. To the detriment of homeowners, and ultimately the country’s economy, Countrywide bank executives incentivized their employees to falsify documents and override internal.

October 24

Even the Court Expects You to Have Clean Hands

In her recent Idaho Business Review article “Even the Court Expects You to Have Clean Hands” Molly O’Leary wrote on the importance of parties to litigation having “clean hands.”  The article helps to highlight the importance of both parties having acted with honesty and good will before entering any legal dispute, or else risk an.

April 4

Idaho Supreme Court Upholds Minority Shareholder’s Rights in Breach of Fiduciary Duty Actions

In McCann v. McCann, the Idaho Supreme Court recently reversed and remanded a case for findings on whether the majority shareholders engaged in a “squeeze-out” of a minority shareholder, causing him harm beyond every other shareholder. On March 13, 2012, Justice Burdick, in writing for the Court, held where the actions of the corporation and.

July 21

Success at the Idaho Supreme Court

The Idaho Supreme Court issued its opinion for Lattin v. Adams County, Docket No. 35768 on July 14, 2010. Pickens argued for the Plaintiffs/Respondents, asserting that the 3rd Judicial District of the State of Idaho, Adams County had properly granted the Plaintiffs/Respondents’ motion for summary judgment. Terri argued that summary judgment was proper because Adams.

May 10


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